Bloch v. Homesite Insurance Company

(Client: Homesite Insurance Company)

In September 2014, two plaintiffs filed a class action complaint against Homesite Insurance Company and several other defendants alleging that their Homesite homeowners’ policy, and specifically its wind/hail deductible, was misleading and deceptive, and that Homesite had improperly denied coverage for their claim.  The plaintiffs filed suit in federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia on behalf of themselves and a class of plaintiffs alleged to be in the hundreds, bringing claims for breach of contract, fraud, and violation of state consumer protection statutes.  On July 17, 2015, the District Court granted Homesite’s motion to dismiss, dismissing all of the plaintiffs’ claims and their putative class action lawsuit.  Homesite was represented by Steven W. Usdin and Michael A. Balascio.