International Litigation/Arbitration and Cross-Border Services

The firm maintains a varied international practice involving cross-border matters across a number of industries, with a strong focus on European clients.  Our multilingual and multicultural team regularly assists international clients with business interests in the United States, including setting up new U.S.-based entities or acquiring U.S.-based assets or entities, negotiating commercial agreements, ensuring regulatory compliance, and supporting the U.S. subsidiaries of foreign clients as outside general counsel on a wide variety of legal issues. 

The international team also handles a multitude of cross-border disputes, large and small, involving our clients’ U.S.-based businesses in litigations and arbitrations in a number of states.  The matters have covered a variety of industries and have included claims arising from business torts, contracts, employment, and intellectual property.  Our team is well-versed in solving the unique challenges faced by international clients navigating the U.S. legal system, often for the first time and under difficult circumstances.