Barrasso Usdin Wins Recusal Issue at Louisiana Supreme Court

Our firm frequently represents energy companies in “legacy” lawsuits brought by landowners claiming property contamination from oil and gas production and exploration activities.  In one such case, the landowners sought to recuse a trial judge on constitutional-law grounds based on past judicial campaign advertisements.   When an appellate court ordered the trial judge’s recusal, our firm successfully sought relief from the Louisiana Supreme Court. The case involved unique procedural issues of timeliness and constitutional issues under the federal First Amendment and Due Process Clause, and the Louisiana Supreme Court unanimously reversed the appellate court’s recusal and reinstate the presiding trial judge.

Craig Isenberg, David N. Luder, and Chloé M. Chetta handled the matter.  Craig, David, and Chloé regularly practice in the areas of toxic tort and environmental law, often in high profile and complex cases.